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Submit a trouble ticket to our help desk explaining the source of your problem.
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Having trouble understanding material in your course?

Please contact your teacher for help with course content. If you need additional assistance, contact your Student Advisor, Learning Coach or On-site Monitor. Click Here for all staff information.

Extra Tips


If something does not display or work correctly in one browser, you can try another.
Some Example Browsers:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Safari
  4. Mozilla Firefox

Click the names of the browsers to be taken to their download page.

Browser Settings

How do I know what my browser settings are, and if they are up to date?

Click this link:
What is My Browser?

This will give you details on the browser that you are using, settings that are enabled, and plug-ins that are installed. You can also send your results from this website to the help desk if requested.