NCAA Requirements

NCAA Division I & II Student Athlete Course Requirements:

  • Students must complete 100% of each course and may not waive or test out of any material. No course modifications allowed.
  • Credit Recovery courses or Literary Advantage courses do not meet the NCAA course requirements.
  • Assessments will be locked and password protected.
  • Students must have regular, documented, instructor-initiated interaction.
  • Student work must be documented and graded with quality feedback by a certified instructor.
  • Courses must have a defined start and end date. Students must follow the course timeline and due dates and not accelerate from the course plan.
  • Student athletes are expected to keep a detailed portfolio of all course work and time logged both on and off-line. JEDI Virtual School will document all interactions between students, instructors and support staff as well as documenting all coursework, grades and course feedback.
  • NCAA student athlete approved courses will be updated yearly on the home district’s course list.

For more information please visit: The NCAA website