High School Student Spotlight November

Today we are highlighting our November High School Spotlight Student Mary Kate McNulty!! Mary Kate was nominated by Ms. Quinn as she had this to say “As a first year student with JEDI, Mary Kate began the school year knowing online school would be a challenge but she faced it with optimism and excitement. In fact, Mary Kate was facing two new challenges, managing her online coursework and taking her athletics, in her case dance, to the next level.
She started the school year like a seasoned online learner, keeping up with her coursework and earning masterful grades. It was clear right from the start JEDI was a good fit for Mary Kate.
Several weeks in she had an excusable absence that kept her from her coursework for a week. For many students this is a setback that would have affected the whole semester. As many students have experienced, missing a week of school is very difficult to come back from, especially in a short period of time.
However, once Mary Kate was back on her feet, she pushed up her sleeves, buckled down and challenged herself and within two weeks managed to be back on pace earning exceptional grades.
Mary Kate does a phenomenal job of balancing her dreams and setbacks with her online school, and it’s a pleasure to support her through her journey.
Keep up the great work!! 👏🤩

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