Because no two students are alike, JEDI provides students a non-traditional schooling option that will enable them to take classes on their terms. The school provides an exceptional curriculum, including core courses and a full compliment of enrichment programs. 

In addition, while most Wisconsin virtual schools are supported by a public school district, many are backed by a for-profit entity that takes a portion of the school’s funding in return for providing curriculum and guidance to the district. JEDI Virtual High School is a completely non-profit venture. All financial support that the school receives goes directly into the operation of the school.

JEDI Virtual School provides a trained Learning Coach for each full-time student. The Learning Coach is the essential bridge between the “high tech” of the virtual world and the need for “high touch” for the learner. The coach is trained to assist the student in navigating the coursework, and motivating the student to achieve their best. Other virtual schools utilize a parent, friend, or acquaintance as the mentor or guide. JEDI offers a Learning Coach to help students achieve their Personal Education Plan.

Personal Learning Coach

Each student, having unique learning needs, desires and requires an educational path that supports life goals, learning style, and personal interests. At JEDI Virtual School, a Personal Education Plan is developed for each student that charts the educational course creating a curriculum tailored to the student. The plan is cooperatively developed by the student, parents, and a JEDI representative.

Personal Education Plans
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