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JEDI Virtual School Technical Support

Having technical difficulties in one of your courses?

Submit a trouble ticket to our help desk explaining the source of your problem.

Submit a Ticket Here

Need Help Submitting a Ticket?

Having trouble understanding material in your course?

Please contact your teacher for help with course content. If you need additional assistance, contact your Student Services Coordinator, Learning Coach or On-site Monitor.

Student Services staff information found at:
JEDI Staff Contact Page

Live Chat Option!

Try our Live Chat option to solve your technology needs.  Real time help offered for your questions.

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How do I know what my browser settings are, and if they are up to date?

Click this link:
What is My Browser?

This will give you details on the browser that you are using, settings that are enabled, and plug-ins that are installed.

You can also send your results from this website to the help desk if requested.

Extra Tips:

How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache

How to Disable the Pop Up Blocker

How to Clear Your Browser’s Cookies

Getting Started

View these instructions for an overview to navigate your courses and get started - Course Instructions

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