Application and Enrollment Process for Full Time Students

Students residing in MEMBER DISTRICTS may apply for TUITION FREE admission at any time. Students from non-member districts must apply for open enrollment or pay standard tuition rates to enroll in JEDI Virtual School. Prospective students, both resident and non-resident, should work with their school guidance counselor and/or parents to determine if JEDI and online learning is the right educational venue. “What Makes a Successful Online Student” might help you decide.

If you feel JEDI is the right choice for you or your student, complete the electronic APPLICATION FORM. The form will be submitted to the JEDI Virtual School office. A member of our staff will contact you. Students are accepted based on available openings and suitability of online learning for the student's needs. If more students apply than there are available slots, students will be placed on a waiting list and notified as openings become available. We suggest that applicants work with school counselors to complete the application process. The application form should be submitted to the JEDI Office.

How Do I Get In?

How Do I Enroll?

Once a student is notified that the application has been accepted, a meeting will be scheduled with the student, parent, resident school counselor and a JEDI representative. An Enrollment Form will be completed, and this team will design the student Personal Education Plan. Course requests will be submitted for the courses selected. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled for the learning coach to meet with the student and parent(s) at the learning site to review the on-line tutorial and course orientations.

What Will It Be Like?

Following the tutorial and orientation, students taking on-line classes will go to the website provided by the course provider. The course provider issues a user name and a password to be used when accessing the coursework. Students may set the study schedule that best meets their needs, while allowing them to complete their courses in a timely manner. Some students use an accelerated pace and complete their credits quickly, while others use a regular (18 week) pace to complete their courses. Student coursework results can readily be accessed by a parent, JEDI representative and the learning coach. This provides an opportunity to help monitor student progress and give encouragement for a job well done.

Who Is Eligible to Enroll?

Resident: Any JEDI Network District student grades K-12 may enroll in the JEDI Virtual School. To determine if you are eligible to enroll as a resident see the list of Participating Districts. If you are not a resident of one of our participating districts, you may still enroll through the open enrollment process or as a tuition-paying student. Our staff would be happy to assist you with those options as well. Full-time students will be withdrawn from their traditional school and enrolled as a student of the JEDI Virtual School. JEDI Network District students who attend private schools or are home schooled may enroll in the JEDI Virtual School. The parents must first enroll the child in the resident school district. The district will then designate the student enrollment in the JEDI Virtual School.

Non-Resident: The Wisconsin School Choice Law enables the student to attend in a school district other than the one in which they live. If you do not reside in one of the eleven districts, but are interested in enrolling your child in the JEDI Virtual School you may apply to open enroll to the chartering district during the regular open enrollment period for the following school year. Regular and open enrollment procedures can be found at  Please contact the JEDI office with any questions you may have regarding open enrollment.

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