JEDI Virtual School offers students in your district a creative learning alternative

JEDI Virtual School offers tech, administrative and counselor support

* Provide your students additional learning opportunities

* Minimize scheduling conflicts

* Add variety in teaching methods to individualize for student needs

* Improved district offerings for home schooled students.

* Expand course offerings

* In addition, it will assist you in keeping valuable tax dollars in your school district.

Be a member of a consortium that allows you to increase learning opportunities for your K-12 district students and retain your local control.

Online Learning is growing every day. It is not a fad or a phase. It is here to stay, allowing you to expand offerings and expose your students to experiences in virtual courses before they move on to higher education.

By being a member of the JEDI Consortium, you have access to courses for elementary, middle school, and high school students...many designed and taught by our consortium teachers.

In addition, an increasing number of families desire more control in the educational setting and delivery of courses for their children. They choose to home school based upon those desires, but many would enjoy the benefits of enrollment in a public school district if their students could learn at home.


y offering online education as a choice in your district, you can offer those families the opportunity to enroll in your district, receive quality curriculum taught by licensed teachers while choosing their home or other location as the place of learning. Their students are offered personal learning coaches, transcripted and credited high school classes, and avenues to be involved in extra-curricular activities. Everyone wins!

For more information on joining the JEDI consortium contact us. We will be happy to assist in creating a plan that works to meet the needs of your district.

JEDI Virtual School

1221 Innovation Drive Suite 219

Whitewater, WI 53190

JEDI Office Phone: (262) 473-1469
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JEDI Director- Leslie Steinhaus

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