JEDI Virtual School has requested and been granted a charter allowing us to operate exempt from the many traditional, compulsory attendance and “seat time” regulations so we may meet the unique needs of our student population.

The JEDI Virtual School is open to any student who finds limitations with the traditional learning environment.

JEDI Virtual School Quick Facts

*Offers a comprehensive K-12 curriculum.

*Created to meet the needs of students enrolled in the school districts of the JEDI Distance Education consortium.

*Independently operated non-profit school, allowing districts to maintain local control and using emerging technologies to offer rigorous online instruction.

*May be combined with traditional courses to create a blended learning environment for students.

*Student learning site can be anywhere Internet access is available.  Courses available and accessible 24 hours a day.

*A "Personal Educational Plan" is created for the unique needs of each JEDI Virtual School student, outlining courses the student will take, their optimum learning site, and anticipated pacing of coursework.

*All courses taught by licensed teachers.  Each JEDI Virtual Student is offered the assistance of a one-to-one learning coach and a JEDI Student Services representative.

*Students may work toward receiving a JEDI/Lake Mills High School diploma or a diploma from their local high school.

Desire to complete course materials at an accelerated pace

Home schooled students wanting teacher-backed curriculum or access to district activites

Need or want additional curricular offerings

Access to online learning 24/7

Flexible online scheduling options

Comprehensive K-12 curriculum including AP & Dual Credit options

Personalized learning plans

Access to local district WIAA sports and other activities

Comprehensive K-12 curriculum including AP & Dual Credit options

Access to local district WIAA sports and other activities


Have schedule conflicts

Are homebound

Are medically fragile

Are at-risk of not graduating

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